The Wan Chai District Court. Photo: Asia Times
The Wan Chai District Court. Photo: Asia Times

A 31-year-old Indonesian maid was jailed for 20 months after pleading guilty in the District Court to stealing jewelry from her employer’s home in Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island last year.

The court heard that the defendant, named Qomariyah, who worked for businessman Jerome Lau Ting-sing as a domestic worker in an apartment at Yun On Terrace on Blue Pool Road, Apple Daily reported.

The defendant stole 18 pieces of jewelry, including four necklaces and 14 rings worth HK$790,000 (US$95,800) over eight months. All of the jewelry was found in a pawn shop later by the police after Lau reported that his valuables at home had been stolen.

The judge criticized the defendant as greedy, saying her repeated acts of stealing showed she had planned the thefts in advance. He said she had abused the trust Lau gave to her, Sing Pao reported.

It was understood that the defendant took care of Lau’s mother for three years. She had worked for Lau after his mother died.

After the ruling, Lau told the media he felt “hurt” as all his friends knew he treated the maid very well. He said he also needed to buy the stolen jewelry back from the pawnshop.

It was not known what the maid did with the money she got from the pawnshop for Lau’s rings and necklaces. But the police had suggested that he should offer half the amount the pawn dealer paid for them to get the jewelry back, according to a barrister.

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