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A 37-year-old single mother pleaded guilty at the Hong Kong Eastern Magistrates Court on Tuesday to one count of willfully assaulting a child to cause injury.

The woman pleaded for leniency, telling the judge that she regretted what she did to her 12-year-old daughter and would not harm her again, even if the girl misbehaved in the future, Apple Daily reported. She said she would talk to the girl instead of beating her.

The court heard that on April 25 last year, the defendant and her daughter had a quarrel at home in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island, as the mother found out from a teacher that the girl had not paid for or joined an extracurricular activity as agreed beforehand.

The defendant got angry because her daughter had lied to her. She slapped the girl in the mouth, poked her arms and legs with needles, and hit her with a leather belt.

The girl told her teacher what had happened, who reported the case to police. A medical examination found several small injuries on her arms and thighs.

The defendant was released on bail pending a report from a probation officer, and sentencing was adjourned until February 15.

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