Two drivers fight after a quarrel. Photo: Hong Kong Car Cam@Facebook

A video clip showing two taxi drivers fighting on a street in Hong Kong has gone viral on social media.

The two-and-a-half-minute video was uploaded on Facebook on Sunday. It is thought to have been filmed by a third taxi driver but the location of the skirmish is uncertain.

The video shows both red urban taxis and green taxis (from the New Territories) parked on a street, and a number of drivers gathered at the scene. Two men – one wearing a green top and cap, the other a grey shirt – are seen arguing loudly then sparring with each other.

In the video, the two men punch and kick each other, before falling to the ground. The fight stops after they are pulled apart, but the argument continues.

Users of social media commented that as the drivers were not young men they should be better able to control their emotions. Some said the fight was like a mixed martial arts bout.

The substance of the drivers’ argument is not clearly decipherable – although plenty of swearing can be heard.

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