Deliverymen are upset about a new policy they say will affect their income. Photo: iStock

About 50 workers for Deliveroo, an online food-delivery service, went on strike in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island on Monday afternoon to protest changes in company rules that may affect their earnings.

The delivery riders gathered in front of the company office on Jervois Street and staged a strike until 7pm, reported.

It was understood that the strike would continue on Tuesday and it would cause disruption in the food-delivery services around the Central area.

The deliverymen said the company had launched a new platform that would automatically match the working time slot that riders choose and the delivery time customers need.

Riders could choose freely their working time and locations, Apple Daily reported, citing a Deliveroo spokesman. However, riders said the new policy would affect their earnings by reducing paid working hours by three to five hours a day.

Before the new policy, riders could earn HK$75 per hour no matter how many orders they delivered, as they are considered to be working even while on standby, except for a one-hour meal break.

However, the new rule will let the company decide how many hours the worker needs to make deliveries. Those riders who are taken offline by the new program will not earn any money until they are put back online to receive orders.

The delivery company said it encouraged the riders to talk to it directly if there were any questions about the new policy.