It will soon be time to wear warm clothes again in Hong Kong. Photo: HK Government

Temperatures in Hong Kong are forecast to drop below 10 degrees Celsius next week although the city has been enjoying sunny and warm weather for the past few days.

According to the nine-day weather forecast by the Hong Kong Observatory, the temperature will start falling on Friday to 14 degrees and gradually drop early next week to 11 degrees on Monday and 9 degrees on the following Wednesday.

The Observatory said a strong easterly airstream would affect the coast of Guangdong in the next couple of days and a replenishment of the northeast monsoon was expected to bring cool weather to the south China coast in the latter part of this week.

Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy and cool in the morning and night with one or two rain patches.

Early next week, southern China will be affected by another intense winter monsoon that will bring cold weather to the region. The temperature on Monday will drop to a low of 11 degrees and gradually drop further over the next two days to 10 degrees and below.