The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Photo: Google Maps
The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Photo: Google Maps

A Philippine non-governmental organization specializing in labor migration has urged Manila to investigate an apparent online registration scam targeting overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Susan Ople, head of the Blas F Ople Policy Center, urged the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Health (DOH) to investigate a scheme that imposes a US$10 online registration fee for the Pre-Employment Medical Examination for OFW applicants headed for the Persian Gulf region, Interaksyon reported.

“We are counting on the government to put a stop to all these nefarious online registration schemes aimed at earning money from our OFWs,” she said.

Ople also warned accredited clinics and recruitment agencies that cater to OFWs not to fall for the scheme.

“This online registration scheme has all the makings of a scam and is being perpetrated by foreigners allegedly representing Gulf countries,” she said.

The fee had allegedly been imposed by something called the Gulf Cooperation Council Ministry of Health, which claimed it had been approved by the Philippine DOH. However, the DOH denied it had approved the scheme in a department circular issued on December 22.

The DOH said it prohibited the Medical Facility for Overseas Workers and Seafarers from participating in or using this online scheme.