Beware: This is a highly toxic face cream. Photos: Hong Kong Government
Beware: This is a highly toxic face cream. Photos: Hong Kong Government

The Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong warned the Filipino community to avoid buying a facial cream that contains a very high level of mercury.

The consulate supported its warning with a statement by the Center for Health Protection that urged the public to avoid buying or using Zi Xin Mei Spots Removing Night Cream, reported.

The Hospital Authority notified the health protection center about a case of mercury poisoning that involved a 30-year-old woman, CHP said in a statement on December 22. 

The center did not disclose the nationality of the victim.

“The patient had swollen lower limbs since November and said she used the facial cream for one to two months. Her urine sample revealed a mercury level higher than the reference level,” it said.

The center said the product’s mercury level was over 14,000 times the acceptable level. A spokesman said chronic exposure to mercury could cause damage to the nervous system and kidneys.

“Members of the public are urged not to buy or use cosmetic products of unknown composition or obtained from doubtful sources,” the spokesman said.

The center is currently investigating the case and the matter has been referred to a relevant law enforcement agency for follow-up.

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