Spices are fundamental to the cuisines of some regions of the Philippines, but there are evidently limits to the tolerance level of even Filipino palates. Photo: iStock, YouTube

People in the Philippines are lovers of spicy food, with some claiming they can eat the spiciest foods in the world. Apple Daily decided to put this theory to the test.

The newspaper ran a story with a video clip in its feature section on Tuesday on a reporter’s quest to find out what kind of chemistry would develop when Filipino encountered a Japanese product touted as the “hottest potato chips in the world.”

The Japanese name of the product is “18 [prohibition sign] Curry Chips,” as it is marketed as a “for adults only” product. Warnings printed on the package in Japanese alert people with hypertension, poor health and upset stomachs against eating the chips.

The Apple Daily reporter interviewed some Filipino women in Central on Hong Kong Island, who all agreed that Filipinos could eat spicy food, as spices are fundamental to the cuisines of some regions of the Philippines. Some of the women said they liked to add chili to some dishes.

However, after the reporter challenged them to try the “hottest potato chips in the world,” some of them burst into tears, covered their mouths with their hands and even screamed after tasting the product.

Only a small number of the women were unfazed by the fiery taste.

The women ended up telling the reporter that while most Filipinos liked to eat spicy food, there were limits to their tolerance.