Moscow, Russia. Photo: iStock
Moscow, Russia. Photo: iStock

Filipinos overseas should not accept any offers to do domestic work in Russia – as they could be jailed, fined and deported if caught, the Philippine government has warned.

The warning from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) follows a report by the Philippine Embassy in Greece that an increasing number of Filipino maids had been illegally recruited to work in Russia, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Many domestic workers were recruited from Greece, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East – but they were victims of a scam and charged huge fees by their recruiters.

“There is no visa category in Russia for household service workers,” the POEA said in a statement issued late last year.

The POEA said Filipinos with tourist and commercial visas were not allowed to work in Russia. “Improperly documented workers are subject to detention, fines and deportation,” it said.

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