Filipino domestic workers have been warned not to work in Moscow and other Russian cities. Photo: iStock
The city of Moscow is finally starting to do something about protecting its environment. Photo: iStock

An overseas worker has urged fellow Filipinos not to work in Russia. Talking on, Nelle J, 33, spelt out the dangers after previously working in Hong Kong.

She went to Russia four years ago and is still living there, despite failing to obtain a work visa. The Philippine government recently issued a warning about the increasing number of cases of illegal recruitment of OFWs to Russia.

It revealed there are no visa categories for household workers. Those caught working illegally are usually jailed, fined and then deported, it said.

Nelle pointed out that there are major problems facing OFWs when they apply for jobs in Russia. Employment agencies tend to overcharge when it comes to processing fees, which is illegal.

Agencies have been known to charge up to US$2,000 when the cost is $1,300. OFWs also need to pay an “escort service” fee of 80,000 Philippines pesos (US$1,588) every time they leave the country to return to Russia.

Nelle revealed that many OFWs enter Russia on tourist visas, but stay in the country to work illegally.

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