Amman, the capital of Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Tareq Ibrahim Hadi

A 43-year-old domestic worker has been sent home to the Philippines from Jordan after suffering physical abuse by her female employer for a year that resulted in the Filipino now requiring medical treatment.

In 2015, Victoria Perdagorda went to Jordan to work as a maid. In 2016, her employer started punching and slapping her, GMA News reported.

Perdagorda said that after a few months, the woman started beating her with a metal rod. She could not seek help because her employer had confiscated her mobile phone. The abuse lasted for about a year.

Last November, the beatings became so intense that one day she almost fainted. Her male employer saved her in time and sent her back to the Philippines.

Hans Cacdac, administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in the Philippines, said medical assistance would be given to Perdagorda and her case had been passed on to the National Bureau of Investigation.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will provide Perdagorda with legal assistance for any possible legal action against her former employer.

Perdagorda will undergo surgery on her jaw and is receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Pasig, a city in Metro Manila.

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