Antipolo City Hall in the Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ramon FVelasquez

A Filipino domestic worker has formed a close friendship with her Dubai employers, even welcoming them to spend part of their vacation at her home in the Philippines a few years ago.

And this year, Jaime and Brenda Church plan to visit the Philippines again to help her build her own house.

Elizabeth Elizarde, 48, who began working for the Churches in 2013, said they and their two daughters Chloe and Zoe decided to visit her and her family in 2015, The Filipino Times reported.

Elizarde said that in 2015, they flew to the Philippines and spent time with her and her family. She said she and her five children met them at the airport and welcomed them.

The Church family treated Elizarde’s family to lunch and they all went to an amusement park in Santa Rosa together. They also went to Elizarde’s home town of Antipolo, east of Manila, to celebrate Chloe’s birthday and invited Elizarde’s neighbors to the party.

Elizarde said her relationship with the Churches was one of the greatest blessings she has received. “I was never treated indifferently – rather, they always make me feel that I have a place in their home and life,” she said.