Malacañang Palace, the official residence and workplace of the president of the Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, LordAntagonist

A Filipino woman languishing in an Indonesian prison after being used as a drug mule by recruiters in her homeland has appealed to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to allow her to testify against the people who caused her plight.

On Wednesday, Mary Jane Veloso, who celebrated her 33rd birthday in a Yogyakarta prison that day, said in a recorded message that she wished for her story to be heard in court and to prove her innocence in the case, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

“It has been three years since my recruiters confessed that I was innocent and that I did not know about the illegal drugs seized from my bag, but why have I not still attained justice?” she said.

Veloso called on Duterte to intervene and help her. “President Duterte, my life is in your hands. I will never admit a crime I did not do,” she said.

In April 2010, Veloso was arrested in Indonesia after 2.6 kilograms of heroin was found in her luggage. She was sentenced to death in January 2015 but was granted a stay of execution three months later.

Recently, Veloso was blocked by the Court of Appeals in the Philippines from testifying against a couple she accused of recruiting her to smuggle drugs into Indonesia.

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