The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Google Maps

The family of a Filipino domestic worker who allegedly committed suicide in Saudi Arabia has appealed to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for his help in investigating the death.

On September 29 last year, Maricris Serato, a domestic worker in Riyadh, allegedly took her own life by swallowing insecticide, the  Manila Bulletin reported.

It not until January 4 that Serato’s body arrived in the Philippines.

Serato’s family doubted the report provided by the Saudi Ministry of Health that the victim died of cardiac arrest after drinking insecticide.

Maryche Salili, the dead woman’s sister, said she had spoken to Serato before she died. She said Serato had planned to return home on October 1 after her employer’s son tried to molest her sexually.

The family doubt that Serato committed suicide and suspect that her death was due to foul play by her employers, which has prompted them to seek the president’s help in investigating the case.

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