The maglev train located in Shanghai, China which can run at the speed of 268 miles per hour. Photo: iStock

China is planning to develop a high-speed maglev train with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour by 2020, reported.

The technical scheme of the high-speed maglev transport system has passed the review of 19 experts on Thursday. The R&D for the project is led by CRRC Sifang Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRRC, the largest rolling stock manufacturer in the world.

Ding Sansan, the deputy chief engineer, said they will now move into the stage of construction design, as the technical scheme has been reviewed.

According to the schedule, they will develop the prototype of one carriage in 2018. While the whole car sample will be tested over a five-kilometer route by 2020.

The high-speed maglev transportation system is one of the key projects under the Ministry of Technology’s Thirteenth Five-year Plan to promote advanced rail transit.

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