Young technician working in server cabinet. Photo: iStock

A 2017 Internet Talent White Paper published by domestic Internet recruitment platform Boss Zhipin, shows that the average monthly salary of the industry has exceeded 10,600 yuan (US$1,631.66) and the demand for Internet talent continues to grow rapidly, reported.

More than half of the top 10 positions with the highest salary are AI related. Positions related to voice recognition, nature language processing and machine learning receive an average salary of more than 25,000 yuan per month.

As an increasing number of companies become involved in the field of AI, the demand for AI talent in 2017 has doubled. In fact, the compound growth rate of the majority of the positions over three years exceeded more than 200%.

Meanwhile, driven by the heated competition of video games and live-streaming, the online game sector saw the highest salary increase in 2017 with an average jump of 5.1%