Po Toi Island. Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Hong Kong Government
Po Toi Island. Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Hong Kong Government

A 68-year-old man was in critical condition after suffering a stroke while hiking on Po Toi Island on Monday and being airlifted to hospital by a government helicopter.

The man and his girlfriend, both deaf-mutes, went to Po Toi, the southernmost island of Hong Kong, for a hike on Monday morning, Sing Tao Daily reported. At noon, he suddenly collapsed on the track and fell unconscious. His girlfriend used sign language to seek assistance from other hikers.

The ill man was sent to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, where he remained in critical condition.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old boy had to be assisted by police and firefighters on Monday after falling ill during an overnight hike to the top of Tai Mo Shan, the highest peak in Hong Kong, to celebrate New Year’s with his classmates, Oriental Daily reported.

The youngsters arrived at the mountaintop at 6am but the boy apparently succumbed to exhaustion from the hike.

Emergency personnel helped him get back down the mountain and sent him to hospital for treatment.

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