Xiaochangjiang, which means “Little Yangtze River”, is just seven years old and struggles to carry a package. Photo: WeChat

A seven-year-old boy who works as a courier in a residential area of Qingdao in Shandong province has captured the hearts of thousands of Chinese people.

Known only by his nickname, Xiaochangjiang, which means “Little Yangtze River”, he has created a stir on the social media app, WeChat.

Thousands of people expressed concern and outrage after the boy was pictured delivering goods, China Daily has reported.

The photos were uploaded on to WeChat by Wang Qingwei, the director of Qingdao Chess Association, after the youngster knocked on his door last week.

“He handed me a big package with some difficulty and asked me to sign a confirmation receipt,” Wang told China Daily, a state-owned newspaper.

Since the boy was shivering, Wang invited him in for tea and gave him a chess set as a gift. He also told the boy he would teach him how to play the game.

WeChat records showed that Xiaochangjiang was living with a former colleague of his father’s in a makeshift building at a local STO Express branch. His father is believed to be dead while his mother has since remarried, according to China Daily.

“The local police authority has not yet found the boy’s registered household and we are trying to find the boy’s mother,” a spokesman for Qingdao’s Shibei district government said.

Already thousands of WeChat users have donated money to ease Xiaochangjiang’s plight, China Daily reported.

“The boy is very smart and is in good health,” said Ren Linsong, deputy director of the local government’s welfare department. “We will take care of him and help him with his schooling.”

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