Beijing, China. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Kentaro Iemoto
Beijing, China. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Kentaro Iemoto

Beijing municipal authorities are considering a proposal that would allow foreign maids to work in the city. The municipal Commission of Commerce said it was considering offering work and residential permits to domestic workers employed by foreign executives and by some workers from Hong Kong and Macau, China Daily reported.

Bi Guoxing, a representative of an employment agency, said the demand for domestic workers in Beijing was increasing as more families were having a second child.

He also said there was an increasing demand for Filipino domestic workers because they are perceived as trustworthy, industrious and highly educated. However, China prohibited individuals from hiring foreigners in 1996.

The average salary of a housemaid in Beijing is 5,000 yuan (US$782) per month. However, Bi’s agency gives Chinese domestic workers who have been trained by Filipinos 6,000-6,500 yuan per month.

Beijing will become the second city in China to allow the hiring of foreign domestic workers, following Shanghai, if the proposal is approved.

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