Muar Police Station in Johor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Muar Police Station in Johor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

Six Indonesian men allegedly responsible for nine cases of armed robbery in various locations in Johor, Malaysia, have been arrested, while a seventh suspect was reportedly still on the run.

Six men aged between 25 and 33 were arrested in Bukit Pasir in Muar district of Johor state, Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported.

Stolen items including shampoos, cigarettes, toothpaste, face cleansers and mobile phones, totaling 15,000 ringgit (US$3,825) in value, were confiscated as evidence, while officers were checking the license plates of two motorcycles that might have been listed as stolen vehicles.

A preliminary investigation found that the suspects, armed with parang machetes or knives and wearing Guy Fawkes masks, had broken into workers’ hostels, grocery stores and homes in neighborhoods of Bakri, Bukit Pasir and Panchor at around 3am to 4am on December 2 and January 15.

All victims were tied up while the robbers were helping themselves to valuables.

A 20-year-old Indonesian man who carried the alias Rizki or Maksom remained on the run, and Malaysian police appealed to the public for any information regarding the suspect.