Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ammar shaker
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ammar shaker

A 24-year-old Filipino domestic worker in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is seeking help after allegedly being abused by her female employer. She called her family in the Philippines, asking for the government to rescue her, GMA News reported.

Chona Puebla, the woman’s cousin, said the maid had faced intensifying abuse from her employer. However, she lost contact with her cousin after making the call last week.

According to Puebla, the victim, who started working in Saudi Arabia in January last year, was pushed by her employer down a flight of stairs. She was also allegedly seen vomiting blood into a toilet by another domestic worker.

She was sent to hospital by her female employer because of the seriousness of her injuries, Puebla said, but she was not allowed to return to the Philippines.

Puebla said she did not want her cousin to come home from Saudi Arabia in a casket, and has sought the help of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

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