Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Francisco Anzola

Dozens of Filipinos who were victims of human trafficking have returned home to the Philippines from Abu Dhabi. On January 12, 48 people arrived back in their homeland, UNTV reported.

The Filipinos, who had been in Abu Dhabi on visit visas, were able to return home after the Philippine government’s repatriation program processed their documents.

Constancio Vingno, Philippine ambassador to United Arab Emirates, said Manila was taking all the necessary measures to help the victims of trafficking to return home.

“We are trying our best to repatriate on a weekly basis,” Vingno said.

The returnees had been victims of illegal recruitment who were promised decent jobs in Abu Dhabi, but were in fact employed as domestic workers upon their arrival.

Last November, more than 100 Filipino victims of human trafficking in Abu Dhabi were able to return to the Philippines.