National University Hospital, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
National University Hospital, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

The Singaporean employer of a Filipino maid who suffered a brain hemorrhage months after being hired has been stuck with a big medical bill after her insurance policy covered only half the cost of an emergency operation.

Facing financial difficulties, the employer is having to pay the balance of the medical fee in installments.

The woman said she hired a 38-year-old maid named Vava on April 5 and was very pleased with her attitude and efforts in looking after her children, Shin Min Daily News reported.

During early hours of October 13, however, the maid knocked on her door complaining of an unbearable headache. The employer immediately sent Vava to National University Hospital, where the maid was diagnosed with a severe brain hemorrhage, and urgent surgery was required.

After the successful surgery, the maid returned to stable condition but needed rest. Vava’s work permit was then canceled and she was sent back to the Philippines.

Before the emergency operation, the maid’s employer paid the hospital S$15,000 (US$11,200) upfront, and was informed that she could claim it back from the insurance company shortly after.

But in the end, the final medical bill was S$28,000, and the maid’s employer was billed for the remaining S$13,000. The hospital agreed to let her clear the debt by installments.

In Singapore, employers of domestic workers are responsible for their medical expenses, and they are advised to purchase adequate insurance coverage.

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