Jalan North Yu Seng Road in Sarawak, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Jalan North Yu Seng Road in Sarawak, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A 16-year-old Indonesian-Chinese girl hired as a domestic worker by an Indonesian family in eastern Malaysia has accused her female employer of serious abuse within three months of starting work.

At 5am on December 3, the female employer allegedly poured boiling water on the young maid’s left foot, the China News Service reported.

The victim could not put up with the abuse inflicted on her and ran away when the couple went out of their home.

The girl sought assistance from the Malaysian police, who sent her to a hospital for an examination as she had a red, swollen left eye and her body was covered in injuries.

According to the preliminary investigation, the girl arrived in Malaysia in September with a man who had told her father on the phone he would secure a job for his daughter.

The girl was referred to the Indonesian family, and her main job was to look after the couple’s toddler. She was paid by 50 ringgits (US$12.30) a month and offered just one meal a day.

At 11pm on the day of the assault, police arrested the female employer at a restaurant on Jalan North Yu Seng Road in Sarawak, and seized the “weapon” allegedly used to pour boiling water on the girl’s foot.

The police were continuing to investigate reasons for the assault and other possible incidents. Meanwhile, the case has been listed for an initial hearing in court on December 11.

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