Kuwait city Photo: Wikimedia Commons, FlickreviewR
Kuwait city Photo: Wikimedia Commons, FlickreviewR

A Kuwaiti woman – jailed several years ago for blinding a 25-year-old Malagasy domestic worker in one eye – has been arrested again for physically abusing her Filipino domestic worker over the eight months from March.

The maid, known only as ‘Rosella’, 32, arrived in Kuwait on February 26 and started work for her 56-year-old employer, who was reportedly a physician, on March 2, Migrant-Rights.org reported. There was a Sri Lankan and another Filipina working for the same woman but the Sri Lankan left within several days of Rosella’s arrival.

Rosella said the abuse started on her first day of work. Her employer beat her on her private parts. The employer’s father told Rosella to just ignore his daughter every time she tortured her, the maid said later. He also said that her employer was a good person – despite her gruff manner.

In June, Rosella was hit by her employer with the wooden handle of a knife on her fists. The woman also beat another Filipina domestic worker with a strainer. Rosella sent pictures of their injuries to her employment agency, which informed the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait – however, the case was not followed up.

On November 9, the employer allegedly kicked and spat on Rosella for not cleaning her daughter’s room. She also took a pair of scissors to cut Rosella’s uniform and threatened to kill her. Rosella tried fleeing from her employer’s home but was unable to get a car to take her away.

A neighbor saw Rosella in a distressed state and contacted the Social Work Society. They reported the case to the police, who arrested the employer.

The case was first heard in court on November 13 and is now awaiting a trial hearing.

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