Source: US Military Videos By OpsLens / Youtube screen grab
Source: US Military Videos By OpsLens / Youtube screen grab

The Pentagon is already using artificial intelligence (AI) to help small drones target terrorists in the Middle East, according to military website Defense One.

The system has been in use for nearly eight months. But the AI algorithms assisting analysts to identify people, cars and buildings are accurate only about 80 percent of the time and need more work.

Computers using the algorithms reportedly helped identify objects of interest in a video feed from a small ScanEagle drone that flew over an undisclosed Middle East battlefield.

“A few days into the trials, the computer identified objects — people, cars, types of building — correctly about 60 percent of the time. Just over a week on the job — and a handful of on-the-fly software updates later — the machine’s accuracy improved to around 80 percent,” Defense One reported. “Next month, when its creators send the technology back to war with more software and hardware updates, they believe it will become even more accurate.”

The next phase of the project will reportedly be to automate the analysis of video feeds coming from large drones flying over combat areas.

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