Central MTR Station. Photo: Deror avi, Wikimedia Commons
Central MTR Station. Photo: Deror avi, Wikimedia Commons

Two Filipino domestic workers ignored a warning from a woman who asked them to keep their volume low on Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway, until they identified her as a compatriot.

Linda and Ella, who had been good friends in the Philippines, met again for the first time after they both got jobs in Hong Kong. The pair met by chance on an MTR train from Central, sunwebhk.com reported.

The pair’s conversation started getting very loud and was disturbing the other passengers. An elderly woman who was seated next to them told them to lower their voices as they were in a public place.

However, Ella rudely answered the woman in Tagalog. “This is a public place and I’m happy,” she said. The woman suddenly spoke in Tagalog herself and reminded her compatriots again that they should be mindful of the effect their behavior had on other people.

Ella and Linda then quieted down because they had not expected that the elderly woman was a Filipino as well. The pair apologized to her for their behavior.

Before getting off the train, the woman reminded the two domestic workers always to behave properly in public places as there are enough Filipinos in Hong Kong who are guilty of unruly behavior.

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