Photo: RTHK 31
Photo: RTHK 31

A recent episode of a TV program series titled Below The Lion Rock, produced by RTHK 31, which is operated by the Hong Kong government, used a touching storyline to depict the contributions of foreign domestic workers to Hong Kong.

The episode, titled Martika, was about a Filipino domestic worker who came to work in Hong Kong to serve a local family.

Alan Chung, a social worker, had no choice but to take care of his grandfather after his mother left home. Chung was unable to find his mother so he hired a domestic worker called Martika.

On her first day of work, Martika found out that Alan’s grandfather had dementia. In the show, she has to learn to take care of Alan’s grandfather and deal with Alan’s frustrations over work and family problems.

Martika, who had to make money overseas due to her family’s financial problems, was also making a huge sacrifice as she could not take care of her son in the Philippines. After working in Hong Kong for some time, she learnt that her son got into a fight with a classmate. The injured classmate’s parents demanded compensation.

The episode depicts the importance of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, not only to families who are in need of help at home but also their families in their homeland.

The episode was launched at 9pm on November 26 with both Chinese and English subtitles. It is now available on YouTube and RTHK 31 website.

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