Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The South Korean Army is creating a combat unit of weaponized drones next year to help counter threats from North Korea.

The country’s Yonhap news agency says the deadly defense assets are being dubbed “dronebots” in a military-esque combination of the words “drone” and “robot.”

“The Army plans to set up a special organization to lead the development of dronebots, establish a standard platform and expand the dronebot program by function,” Yonhap quoted an Army official as saying. “To begin with, we will launch a dronebot combat unit next year and use it as a ‘game changer’ in warfare.”

The dronebot team will reportedly operate reconnaissance dronebots against prime North Korean targets such as nuclear facilities and missile sites. Swarms of dronebots are expected to be mobilized when attacks are carried out.

South Korea is mulling employing the same drone techniques and strategies used by a similar unit in Israel’s military, according to the unnamed military official.

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