Mark Six in Hong Kong Photo: YouTube
Mark Six in Hong Kong Photo: YouTube

When talking about wishes for the new year, who does not dream of becoming the lucky winner of a lottery jackpot? But there is something special about the Mark Six, Hong Kong’s version of the United Kingdom’s National Lottery or the United States’ Powerball.

The cruel fact is: Even if one becomes a winner, he might still not be able to afford the new home he wants in Hong Kong.

The fact is, high-end residential units are just too expensive. Take the latest transaction on a North Point three-bedroom unit in a yet-to-be-completed project called Victoria Harbour. The price was HK$68.73 million (US$8.81 million), higher than the HK$60 million jackpot in next Tuesday’s Mark Six draw.

In a city where the stock market shows the the best performance on the planet and with record prices in the residential and office markets, the jackpot offered by the Hong Kong Jockey Club cannot get you everything you want. How pathetic!

Hong Kong people cannot help envying the British, whose National Lottery handed out checks of £1 million (US$1.34 million, HK$10.51 million) to 358 winners this year, according to the Daily Mail.

One particularly lucky winner scooped up £87 million (HK$914 million) in June on EuroMillions, 10 times the all-time record in Mark Six in which a winner took home HK$90.9 million (in 2013).

And even that is nothing compared with the US lotteries to be drawn soon. Mega Millions will offer a jackpot of US$306 million next Friday, while Powerball’s jackpot is even higher at US$384 million.

However, though Hong Kong is way short of its US and British peers when it comes to lotteries, it is still way ahead of its motherland.

The record payout for China’s Double Chromosphere was a mere 25.65 million yuan (US$3.94 million) to a winner in Dongguan, Guangdong province, last year.

Before closing this piece, we should perhaps state that the odds of winning the top prize in the Mark Six is about one in 14 million.

Dream on – and we all deserve a bigger dream in a happy 2018!

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