Having a parent in a faraway hospital can be very stressful. Photo: iStock
Having a parent in a faraway hospital can be very stressful. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong who had been worried about her father after he was injured in a traffic accident finally received a photo, snapped in the hospital by her son, that calmed her fears.

The woman, a maid named Mona who works in the New Territories, had asked her siblings for a photo of her dad after she heard about the accident, but they were afraid of making her even more upset at the sight of him in a hospital far from her reach, so they ignored her requests, sunwebhk.com reported.

Her father had reportedly been on his way home from a weekly meeting held every Saturday when he was hit by a motorcycle. He suffered a broken left arm, a head wound, and a distorted pelvic bone. He was taken to hospital after the accident for immediate treatment and an operation.

Mona could not sleep or work properly because she wanted to see her father, who was her only parent after her mother died, but could not leave Hong Kong because of her work duties. She therefore pleaded with her siblings back in the Philippines for a photo, but they could not understand her feelings and just kept telling her not to worry.

Finally, Mona received a photo of her father from her son, who secretly took it in the hospital. She was finally able to calm down after she saw that her father’s situation was not as bad as she had feared.

Later, she was even happier to hear that her father had returned home and her siblings had hired a private nurse to take care of him.