Bukit Panjang HDB Estates, Singapore, where the maid worked. Photo: Google Maps
Bukit Panjang HDB Estates, Singapore, where the maid worked. Photo: Google Maps

A 34-year-old Indonesian domestic worker has been jailed for a year by a Singapore court after pouring hot oil on her employer’s 14-year-old son and beating him with a frying pan.

China Press reports that the incident happened in February after the maid, surname Sugianti, reprimanded the teenager for spilling water on the floor, which caused his elder sister to slip and fall.

Tired of Sugianti’s constant scolding, the boy tried to cover the maid’s mouth and pull her hair as she was frying chicken wings.

Infuriated, she responded by waving the frying pan in the air, shouting “devil’s son” in Malay. In retaliation, the boy slapped her face, the court heard.

Immediately, Sugianti chased the boy into the bathroom whilst brandishing the frying pan, which contained boiling oil. He refused to come out, so she stormed in and splashed hot oil on his arms and legs, causing him to cry out in pain.

The teenager’s elder sister, who had been sleeping at the time, heard the cries and went to protect her brother. During the scuffle, the maid burnt the boy with the hot pan.

A medical examination showed that the teenager had suffered multiple injuries and burns. The victim’s sister reported the case the following day, February 16.

The court heard how the boy had “anger” problems. “My brother is getting counseling to make sure he is not traumatized by the incident, and hopefully as he grows older, he will learn to manage his anger,” his elder sister said at the trial.

Although there were aggravating factors, the judge said a deterrent sentence was required, adding that there was malice on the maid’s part.

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