City Garden in North Point, Hong Kong Island.
Photo: Google Maps
City Garden in North Point, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 28-year-old Indonesian domestic worker in Hong Kong was arrested on Monday for allegedly publishing child pornography after a 17-minute video of her bathing three naked children was found on social media.

Sing Tao Daily reports that the domestic worker, named Yuni, has been working for a family in the City Garden housing estate, in Hong Kong Island’s North Point neighborhood, for two years. She was arrested after police officers traced the video, which was live-streamed on Friday, to her personal Facebook account.

The video was taken down on Monday after being viewed at least 700 times.

In the footage, the domestic worker was shown bathing three children – two boys and one girl, all aged between 6 and 8 – and preparing them for bed. The children were shown naked.

According to reports, at one point during the video, one of the boys realized he was being filmed and asked: “What are you doing? Don’t film me.” The worker then denied, in Cantonese, that she was filming.

Oriental Daily reports that this was not the first time the maid had live-streamed video of children. Another video, it said, showed her teaching a girl to wash dishes.

Barrister Albert Luk Wai-hung said the helper could be charged with using a computer with criminal or dishonest intent. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail. The maximum punishment for publishing child pornography is a fine of HK$1million and three years’ imprisonment, Luk added.

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