Is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un instigating another con job?. Photo: Reuters

Kim Jong-un created quite a stir when he turned up in Seoul. No, not North Korea’s supreme leader, but a lookalike impersonator. Known as Dragon Kim, the South Korean is the spitting image of “Rocket Man”, a phrase trotted out by United States President Donald Trump.

Minyong Kim is so good, he even appeared in a commercial two years ago, impersonating North Korea’s No 1 Kim, alongside Barack Obama’s doppelganger Reggie Brown.

The TV ad was for an online electronics store in South Korea, and featured them lip-syncing a cover of All By Myself by Eric Carmen.

“I meet impressionists all the time,” Brown told USA Today at the time. “Some people are good at it, and some people aren’t. Some are just lookalikes, but they can’t really do impressions.

“Some people really embody it, and it was cool to see that in Dragon he’s got what it takes … it’s going to take him a long way in the business,” he added.

Well, at least, all the way to Seoul. He stunned onlookers as he strolled down down the street with a trademark Kim haircut and navy blue suit with baggy pants.

“I have been doing this for four years,” he told the BBC. “And I started doing this because when I was serving in the military, people thought I was Kim Jong-un.

“People like what I am doing. They don’t see this as a political thing. They just see it as fun,” he added.

But probably not to the real Rocket Man.

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