A Jetstar passenger jet at Singapore's Changi Airport. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Sengkang

A Jetstar flight leaving Singapore’s Changi Airport for Darwin in  Australia was delayed for more than eight hours after a row broke out between two passengers over a mobile phone.

As flight 3K161 was taxing on the runway last Friday, an angry exchange developed between a 55-year-old Filipino-Australian man, who was traveling with his wife, and a 47-year-old Australian passenger, who refused to switch off his smartphone. 

The argument escalated when a female passenger sitting nearby asked for assistance when she heard the word “bomb” mentioned, Sin Chew Daily in Malaysia reported.

The aircraft immediately returned to the departure gate as part of airport protocol. Police then interviewed the Filipino-Australian couple as well as the Australian man, who refused to switch off his mobile.

It was confirmed that the word “bomb” was not mentioned during the row. The flight eventually took off the following day, according to a spokesman from Jetstar.

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