The Consulate General of Indonesia, in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay.
Photo: Google Maps
The Consulate General of Indonesia, in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay. Photo: Google Maps

Indonesia’s consul general in Hong Kong, Tri Tharyat, has said that different attitudes toward posting images of children showering reveals a “cultural difference between Hong Kong and Indonesia.”

The diplomat was responding to local media enquiries following the arrest of a 28-year-old Indonesian domestic worker who allegedly live-streamed a 17-minute video on Facebook of herself bathing three naked children aged between six and eight on Friday.

In a statement in response to inquiries from Hong Kong newspapers, Tri Tharyat said: “There’s a cultural difference between Hong Kong and Indonesia in expressing love to someone else’s children, for example, kissing or hugging children.

“For Indonesians, it’s not a big problem to post a picture or video of naked children in the shower.”

The consul general acknowledged that the laws in Hong Kong valued “the rights of privacy” more highly and that posting pictures or videos of someone without their permission or consent could be illegal.

He said the consulate general would assist the arrested domestic worker and would be in close contact with the Hong Kong police. He also  urged Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong not to take and post pictures or video of children without consent.

Lawmaker rebuts diplomat’s claim

Elizabeth Quat, a lawmaker from the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, a political party, told Sing Pao Dailty News that Tri Tharyat’s statement was “unacceptable,” and insisted that children’s privacy must be protected and respected. She demanded the diplomat clarify his intervention.

Quat also reminded employers that they should respect domestic workers’ privacy and not install any surveillance equipment either in bathrooms or in their maids’ rooms.

The domestic worker was charged with publishing child pornography and her case was brought before the Eastern Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

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