Wrap up warm as the cold weather is expected to continue in Hong Kong. Photo: HK Government

The cold snap in Hong Kong will continue for the next few days, but warmer weather will move in for the Christmas holidays. Figures released by the Observatory showed that temperatures in urban areas on Monday morning dipped to 9.8 degrees Celsius.

In Lantau Peak’s Ngong Ping on Lantau Island, the temperature fell to 2.8 degrees Celsius.

This chilly weather has been triggered by a winter monsoon, which has rolled across the Guangdong region, affecting Honk Kong, HK01.com reported.

On Thursday morning, the temperature is expected to drop to as low as 10 degrees Celsius in urban areas and fall to single digits in the New Territories.

But warmer air will drift in before Christmas with temperatures climbing to around 20 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, a 59-year-old woman collapsed because of the cold weather when she was hiking with her husband and friends in Grass Island, or Tap Mun, in Sai Kung. She was was airlifted to hospital for treatment, Headline Daily reported.

Another woman, aged 51, collapsed near Gilwell Campsite on Kowloon Peak in Kowloon. She regained consciousness when paramedics arrived on the scene. She was later taken to hospital for a checkup.

A 66-year-old man also suffered breathing difficulties while hiking at Pak Kung Au on Lantau Island. He was later taken to hospital for suspected hypothermia, Apple Daily reported.

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