Shenzhen, China. Photo: iStock
Shenzhen, China. Photo: iStock

The Guangdong provincial government has released its Guangzhou-Shenzhen Technology Innovation Corridor Scheme, which aims to build a “Chinese Silicon Valley” with the coordinated development of cities along the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed road, reported.

The scheme mainly covers three cities, including Dongguan. The regional GDP value of these cities reached 4.6 trillion yuan (US$700 billion) in 2016, accounting for 67.6% of the total output value of the Pearl River Delta.

The corridor is expected to lead the country in terms of science and technology capacity by 2020. To achieve this, major innovation indicators must reach or exceed the level of innovative countries or regions. The proportion of R&D investment must account for more than 3.5% in GDP.

By 2030, the corridor hopes to be an innovative highland with international influences, competing strongly with the Silicon Valley and boasting R&D investment accounting for over 4% in GDP.

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