Five boars are seen in Tuen Mun on November 25. Photo: Siu Kin Wai @Facebook
Five boars are seen in Tuen Mun on November 25. Photo: Siu Kin Wai @Facebook

A group of five boars was caught – on camera – out for an afternoon stroll hunting for food on a pedestrian walkway in Tuen Mun in New Territories West in Hong Kong late last month.

A video uploaded on Facebook by a netizen shows the five hungry boars on Kung Fung Road near Elegance Gardens around 5pm on November 25, creating a scene that attracted dozens of passers-by to take pictures of them.

The animals looked like a family as they included two elder boars and three younger ones. They were not afraid of people nearby but kept busy digging into the soil in the flower tanks, apparently in search of underground plants such as sweet potatoes.

After an hour “hanging out”, they returned to the nearby hillside and the crowd watching them dispersed. No one reported the case to the police or the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD).

Local residents said they have never seen so many boars show-up at that time in recent decades.

Usually, if the AFCD receives a call, it will send staff and a veterinary doctor to the place where boars are seen. They try to lure the animals with food and then catch them with nets. Sometimes they will use anesthetic. The animals will then be sent to the countryside after medical checks.

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