The cost of the surgery is estimated at US$990 but the family cannot afford it. Photo: iStock

A two-year-old girl in Manila in the Philippines, Zhyrille Cruz, is facing a life-or-death struggle due to a rare condition that could swell her tongue so large she could suffocate.

The girl was born with a swollen mouth and was diagnosed with lymphangioma, which causes growths in the lymph vessels, Mirror Online reported.

Zhyrille’s tongue grew over time and now has become so big she has a hard time breathing. Her parents, Gerry, 28, and Mary, 22, could not initially afford proper treatment for their daughter.

However, with help from a local charity this year, Zhryille received medical attention. Chemotherapy shrank the tumors. However, the toddler needs surgery to remove the swelling and allow her to breathe properly.

The cost of the surgery is estimated to be 50,000 pesos (US$990), but the family cannot afford it. The couple are working hard to save up as much as possible for their daughter’s life-saving surgery.

The case was widely reported by UK media including the Daily Mail, The Sun and the Mirror.