The Gen Mariano Trias Monument in Cavite, where the killings occurred. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ramon FVelasquez

A Filipino seaman in the United Arab Emirates returned home to the Philippines after learning that his wife and 7-year-old daughter were murdered in their home in Cavite, near Manila.

Marlon Gamos said he last spoke to his wife Ruby, 34 on December 7 via Facebook messenger. He said he became worried when his wife did not contact him the next day, ABS-CBN reported.

Marlon’s relatives also began to worry when Ruby and her daughter Shania Nicole did not show up to a school event on December 9, Kicker Daily reported.

On the morning of December 11, Marlon’s sister-in-law discovered the dead bodies of Ruby and Shania Nicole in their home. The mother and daughter were found lying side by side on their bed.

Police have said the possible motive could be robbery as there were valuable items missing such as jewelry, the TV, other electronic gadgets and their car. There were also no signs of forced entry in the house, which has caused relatives to suspect that the victims knew the killer.

On December 12, Marlon flew to the Philippines after hearing what had happened. According to the autopsy, his wife Ruby died because of a traumatic head injury while his daughter died of suffocation, The Pinoy OFW reported.

The car was reportedly found near a cemetery in Cavite.