Foreign domestic workers gather in Hong Kong. Photo: Asia Times
Foreign domestic workers gather in Hong Kong. Photo: Asia Times

The Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong has come to the aid of a domestic worker who had been chased down by a finance company to repay money that one of her relatives had borrowed using the maid’s passport as security.

The maid, named Nhe Nhe, was asked this year by an older family member to let the latter use the maid’s passport to get a loan, reported. She agreed because she trusted her relative, who was also employed as a domestic worker in Hong Kong.

Some time later, Nhe Nhe was chased down by the finance company after the borrower failed to repay the debt.

The borrower even wrote to Nhe Nhe’s employer and accused her of being a liar and untrustworthy. She urged the employer to fire Nhe Nhe and send her back to the Philippines so that no one had to repay the loan.

However, Nhe Nhe has no plan to return to the Philippines yet. She explained the situation to her employer and sought help from the Philippine Consulate’s Assistance to Nationals (ATN) section.

She showed the relative’s letter to the ATN and also wrote her own statement regarding the matter. She then had a face-to-face meeting with an ATN officer, who demanded an explanation from the actual borrower of the money.

The ATN officer slammed Nhe Nhe’s relative for being unfair, and in the end, the borrower agreed to repay the debt on a monthly installment basis under monitoring by the consulate.

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