Donna Sagudang (left) working on one of her popular designs for a friend. Photo: Donna Sagudang / Asia Times

Donna Sagudang’s passion for art has made her friends extremely happy. Every Sunday, the 28-year-old domestic worker from Baguio City in the Philippines can be found in Central on Hong Kong Island applying temporary tattoos.

Her friends love her beautiful designs, which have been crafted and honed since she arrived in the city back in 2014. An interview she gave to Asia Times in March has also increased her popularity and raised her profile among her compatriots.

Now, she is developing new drawing techniques and exploring a range of washable ink tattoos. Flowers, butterflies and calligraphy in artistic fonts have proved incredibly popular with her friends.

Simple in black. Photo: Donna Sagudang / Asia Times

At the same time, she has also developed another hobby, photography, after saving enough money to buy her first camera.

A beautiful flower tattoo. Photo: Donna Sagudang /Asia Times

“I feel blessed for being able to work in Hong Kong, a city with a lot of opportunities,” she said. “It has helped me make my dreams come true.”

Next year, she will experiment with Henna tattoos, which require the use of a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina. She also plans to teach her friends how to draw by setting up free art classes.

Colors and patterns that are purely temporary. Photo: Donna Sagudang / Asia Times

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Working on an intricate design. Photo: Donna Sagudang / Asia Times

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