A domestic worker fell asleep and forgot that she had left the stove on. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker almost burned down her employer’s flat in Hong Kong after she fell asleep while heating water on the stove.

On the evening of November 23, Adel, 39, was heating up water and lemon for something to drink in the morning. However, she fell asleep with the stove on, sunwebhk.com reports.

As the lemon and kettle were starting to burn, Adel’s employer’s teenage daughter fortunately woke up and turned the stove off. She said she had been going to the kitchen to get a drink.

Adel’s employers were in Japan at the time of the incident and returned the next day. Her male employer noticed Adel’s worried expression and asked her what was bothering her. Adel admitted her negligence and asked for their forgiveness.

Her employers forgave her and said that it was normal to forget things. However, the man told her she would be fired if she was working in China.

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