Indonesian domestic workers gather in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay on their day off. Photo: Asia Times
Indonesian domestic workers gather in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay on their day off. Photo: Asia Times

An employers’ rights group has called for more ethics education for domestic workers in Hong Kong after the arrest of a maid who allegedly filmed children naked in a bath and showed the video on social media.

Chan Kam-fa, a spokeswoman for the group, said the arrest showed that the government and workers’ groups had a responsibility to educate domestic workers on privacy issues, Apple Daily reported.

Chan said she had received complaints from employers that when they were out, their domestic workers put on their bosses’ clothes and dressed up for selfies that they posted on social media. Such behavior made the affected employers uncomfortable.

However, the live-stream video of the kids bathing was much more serious.

Chan said she well understood foreign workers’ loneliness after leaving their families to come to Hong Kong. However, they had to learn to respect people’s privacy.

On Monday, a 28-year-old Indonesian maid who had been working for a family in North Point was arrested for allegedly publishing child pornography after a 17-minute video of her bathing three naked children was seen on social media last Friday.

The incident has not only raised concerns in Hong Kong – even Indonesian media reported the matter.

Wulan, an Indonesian who has been working in Hong Kong for six years, said many domestic workers’ groups in her homeland had posted the news on social media and reminded people to be careful.

Wulan said the filming was inappropriate.

Winarti, who came to Hong Kong as domestic worker nine years ago, also said the filming was wrong and unlawful.

Winarti said many Indonesians liked to play around with their mobile phones and spend time on social media. But she reminded her compatriots that the reason they were in Hong Kong was to earn money, and it would be very sad if they found themselves in jail because of filming something unlawfully.

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