Ocean Theatre in Ocean Park, Hong Kong Island. Photos: HK Government, AFCD

A family of wild boars visited Ocean Park theme park in Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island, on Thursday, probably looking food. At 1pm, human visitors spotted eight boars of various sizes wandering around in the bushes outside the amusement park’s Ocean Theatre, Apple Daily reported.

A witness said the biggest boar was 3 feet long, and the animals appeared to be searching for food in the bushes.

Ocean Park staff cordoned off the area and urged people not to get near the boars. However, many people approached the pigs and took photos.

By the time officers from the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department arrived, the boar family had left, heading back to the hills.

No one, animal or human, was hurt.

This is not the first time Ocean Park has been reported to have wild boars entering the premises. In May last year, two boars were found dead in a water-catchment area at the “Raging River” ride.

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