Yu Yan (inset) is in a coma in Hong Kong's Queen Mary Hospital. Photos: HK Government, Facebook, yuyanrecovery

An MRI scan has shown that the brain of a one-year-old girl who fell into a coma due to a suspected medical blunder after a liver operation at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong has been damaged to a mild to moderate level.

According to a post on Wednesday on a Facebook page that Yu Yan’s parents set up, the baby girl underwent an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to determine her brain’s condition.

On a post on Monday, Yu Yan’s father said his daughter did not react to any sound or images. The girl’s mother kept talking to her and playing children’s songs that Yu Yan liked at her bedside, hoping her baby would regain consciousness as soon as possible.

Photos on Facebook showed that Yu Yan has various medical devices attached to her tiny body.

Yu Yan’s father earlier criticized the hospital for not transferring his daughter to the intensive care unit after the operation. She was sent to a general ward where a nurse wrongly believed the heart-monitoring machine had malfunctioned. The girl lost her heartbeat for six minutes.

Yu Yan was still unconscious on Wednesday.

Thousands of netizens left messages on Yu Yan’s social-media platform, many saying they were praying for the baby girl and hoping that she will recover soon.

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