Indonesian domestic workers in Causeway Bay.
Photo: Asia Times
Indonesian domestic workers in Causeway Bay. Photo: Asia Times

Abused Indonesian domestic worker Erwiana Sulistyaningsih said she may go back to Hong Kong to work if she can’t find a job in her home country after graduating from university.

Back in Hong Kong in November for a civil claim of HK$810,000 (US$103,744) from her abusive former employer Law Wan-tung, Erwiana told a reporter from she could not forget the hurt she suffered during eight months of torture when she saw Law at the court.

Erwiana said she is still angry but there was nothing she could do – “so I choose to forgive her but I know the hurt will follow me for the rest of my life.”

Erwiana was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and needed regular counseling from a psychologist.

Talking about her plan for the future, Erwiana, who is now studying economics in Java, said she wanted to set up a foundation to help domestic workers who need to work overseas and their children if they encounter any difficulties. She added that she may come back to Hong Kong and work as a domestic worker if she can’t find work in Indonesia.

Erwiana said Hong Kong was always the top choice for Indonesians as it offered better salaries compared to other countries.

Asked if she worried about being abused again, she said she was not afraid anymore, as she had gained more knowledge about her own rights to better protect herself.