Yuen Long, the New Territories.
Photo: Google Maps, Wikipedia
Yuen Long, the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps, Wikipedia

Two passengers saved the lives of 16 people on a mini-bus whose 73-year-old driver fainted at the wheel in Yung Long, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, on Thursday morning.

Apple Daily reports that the incident occurred at 8:40 am as the driver, surnamed Chow, was driving a No. 44 minibus from Tuen Mun Ferry Pier to Sheung Shui Station.

As the vehicle was progressing along San Tin Highway, near Lok Ma Chau, Chow suddenly felt unwell and fainted. The vehicle became veered onto the hard shoulder, according to a female passenger surnamed Leung.

A male passenger who was sitting behind the driver immediately dashed forward and took control of the steering wheel while another male passenger stepped forward and applied the brakes.

All the passengers escaped injury. A paramedic arrived on the scene and the driver was taken to the North District Hospital for treatment.

Chow later told a reporter that he had recovered from a serious cold one week ago but felt unwell again on Thursday and wanted to vomit when he was driving. He said he would consider retirement soon.

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