After more than a month of preliminary talks among an unlikely alliance of German political parties, it appears that the “Jamaica” coalition, so-called for its constituent parties’ colors, has made little headway.

With the deadline to end exploratory talks fast approaching, German daily Handelsblatt reports that the four parties have proven unable to give ground on contentious issues, casting a cloud over the prospect of moving on to formal negotiations. Should they fail to find enough common ground, a new round of parliamentary elections may be in the cards.

“The Jamaica negotiations (Christian Democrats, Free Democrats and Greens) have run into a strategic dead end. None of the smaller parties – CSU, Greens and FDP – knows how to stand up to its party base,” Handelsblatt writes.

Any movement on the main sticking points of immigration, environment and taxes, the article goes on, would leave someone irreconcilable.

“A migrant policy that allows the Greens save face, automatically causes the CSU to lose face. An energy policy that allows the FDP to get support in business circles brings every Green politician close to the brink.  In tax policy, the Free Democrats view the entrepreneur as a service provider, while the Greens and parts of the CSU perceive him as a milk cow.”

“So all parties are asking themselves who would benefit from new elections.”